We all need encouraging relationships with other believers.

A Small Group is a community of people connected for discipleship through Bible study, prayer, and spiritually encouraging relationships. At Jubilee, Small Groups meet on campus on Sundays after the service. 

Small Groups function best when the group is small enough for everyone to be involved in the conversation. It may be that Jesus modeled this by choosing twelve disciples. A group that size can keep up with happenings in one another’s lives and be able to encourage each other through prayer and support.

You are welcome to join a Small Group to see if it is a fit for you. Please contact us, if you would like to join one of our Sunday small groups. 

Small Groups: 

Sam Lee's Group (Choir Room)

Doyoung Jung's Group (Room 123 A/B)

Spencer Nicholson's Group (Room 123 A/B)

Don Hong's Group (Room 115)

Eric Elsner's Group (Room 124 A/B)

Rev. David Kim's Group (Conference Room)

Joe Whang's Group (Room 122)

Pastor Michael Chung's Group (Chapel)

Sharon Kim's Group (Chapel)

Daniel Kim's Group (Room 125)

Jay Nam's Group (Choir Room)

Sookhee Kim's Group (Pastor Sam's Office)